Sales Staff

Devin Downs
Years employed: 1999 - present
Specialty: Going off menu for the latest
Languages spoken: Hot rods, Rolls Royce, Muscle cars – I speak them all
Interests: Playing ball, skateboarding, jamming to music
Other: My wife and kids, this industry and car shows

714.772.1281 [ext. 5104]

Daniel Flores
Years employed: n/a
Specialty: n/a
Languages spoken: n/a
Interests: n/a
Other: n/a

714.772.1281 [ext. 5102]

Adam Newsom
Years employed: 2010 - present
Specialty: Helping customers make their old cars look and feel new again
Languages spoken: English and tire safety
Interests: Riding a Harley, wake/snow boarding, scuba diving and family
Other: BA in Sociology

714.772.1281 [ext. 5104]

Brett Peters
Years employed: 1996 - present
Specialty: Exotic and aggressive fitments
Languages spoken: English
Interests: Football, basketball, cars and and traveling
Other: European cars and my dogs

714.772.1281 [ext. 5124]

Rick Teter
Years employed: 1981 - present
Specialty: Helping customers make the best decision for their purchase.
Languages spoken: English
Interests: Family and friends
Other: n/a

714.772.1281 [ext. 5101]

Gene Tjin
Years employed: 2012 - present
Specialty: Photography, design, marketing, and things.
Languages spoken: English and broken Dutch.
Interests: My wife and kids, sports, traveling, and things.
Other: Designed several SEMA vehicles for various OEM manufacturers

714.772.1281 [ext. 5111]