1221 [ Apex ] 330 AP1 -


The Apex line is an optional upgrade available on any 1221 Wheel line and design you choose. Apex is a performance and aesthetic oriented upgrade that adds additional details to the wheel design and removes excess weight. Key aesthetic differences are an outer lathe ring on all of our AP1 wheel lines, thinner spokes, a notched center cap design, and additional pocketing and undercut near the lug bolt area of the wheel. Focused heavily on optimizing the lug bolt portion of all of our wheels as this is an area with a significant amount of material that can be removed for added weight savings. You‰ۡó»ll note that even on our standard series wheel there is significant removal of material from this area in order to enhance our weight savings on our entire product line. All wheels (Standard and APEX) include backpad grooving for weight removal by default and at no charge, and our APEX option adds full race pocketing for extra weight savings.

The 1221 330 AP1 Apex is a custom wheel that is made to order in various sizes and finishes. The price listed is a starting price for standard finishes with the price going up for special finishes and accessories.

For more information, please contact us at 714.772.1281.