Black Friday Specials

To keep with the times, we'll be honoring several pricing specials for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

From Tuesday, November 22th until Friday, December 2nd, 2016, select Vossen forged wheel series and all CV and VF series wheels will be discounted as part of our Black Friday Sale.

*Only 5 sets available for Black Friday Sale.

The HC-1, the newest release in the Vossen Forged catalog, is the first in the all-new HC Series.  Crafted from monoblock 6061-T6 forgings, the HC-1 employs the same Vehicle Tailored Engineering process as other Vossen Forged models, and can be made for nearly any vehicle accommodating 19-24″ wheels.

*Only 5 sets available for Black Friday Sale.

The flagship of the Vossen Forged lineup, the Precision Series is distinguished by its signature 30-degree cut angles and the Infini-Lip™ seamless barrel profile. All 21 Precision Series wheel models are eligible for the Black Friday Sale pricing.

*Only 10 sets available for Black Friday Sale.

The LC Series, recently expanded to 12 models, brings a multi-piece aesthetic to the forged monoblock construction. With a wide array of styles suiting both the conservative and radical styles of the cars on the market today, the LC series has something for everyone.

The Vossen x Work Series, designed in Miami and manufactured in Japan, is Vossen’s introduction into the two-piece wheel market and utilizes Work’s proprietary assembly process. Many standard fitments are in-stock in Miami and ready for immediate shipping, so don’t wait and get yours today!

The newest additions to the Vossen VF Series, the VFS-5 and VFS-6 were introduced earlier this year. A split five-spoke (VFS-5) and split six-spoke (VFS-6), these wheels utilize the same advanced flow forming technology as the other VF wheels, creating a perfect blend between the affordability of a cast wheel and the strength and performance of a forged wheel.

The CV and VF Series wheels are pioneers in the concave, staggered wheel trend. With some of the most recognizable designs that the wheel industry has seen in the past decade, the Vossen CV and VF Series are available at varying discounts throughout the Vossen Black Friday Sale.


What happened to the good ol’ days of walking into a store the day after Thanksgiving to find EVERYTHING on sale; when stores offered REAL discounts that were only valid on Black Friday & Cyber Monday? We’re tired of seeing companies use Black Friday and Cyber Monday as an excuse to discount undesirable products (often for weeks on end) or push small gimmicks in an attempt to cash in on the frenzy. We wanted to see a sale that would allow enthusiasts to get the wheels they actually want at a solid, limited time discount. We wanted to see a REAL Black Friday x Cyber Monday sale out there, so that’s what we made.

Order on Black Friday [11.25.16] or Cyber Monday [11.28.16] and receive a 20-40% discount on your set of VMR Wheels.

ALL widths, ALL diameters, ALL offsets, ALL wheel models – they are ALL on special. The lightweight flow formed series? Yep, they’re all included. Those premium brushed V702’s? Absolutely in there. Maybe you’re after the clean CSL inspired V703 or RS4 styled V708? Those are both covered, too. By now you get the idea – Every Single Wheel in our warehouse is included in this true Black Friday x Cyber Monday sale.

No gimmicks, No games, No BS – this is an honest Black Friday x Cyber Monday sales event like no other.

Please contact any of our participating dealers or contact us direct immediately to take advantage of this sale. This is a limited time special – when this sale is over, it’s over. We’ll be coming in early and going home late to help make sure all interested parties can take part. This promotion applies to VMR Wheels only – tires, custom finishes, etc. will not receive additional discount, though we can offer these services as well. This special is not applicable to pre-orders.

…And YES, the classic V710 mesh and flow formed V710FF are both included in this sale.


EXTENDED Black Friday [11.25] x Cyber Monday [11.28] Hours: 7AM-6PM PST

Phone: 714-442-7916



V710FF – 20% OFF (Up to $300 savings)

V803 – 20% OFF (Up to $272 savings)

V804 – 20% OFF (Up to $272 savigns)

V810 – 20% OFF (Up to $300 savings)


V702 – 30% OFF (Up to $420 savings)

V706 – 30% OFF (Up to $390 savings)


V701 – 20% OFF (Up to $200 savings)

V703 – 20% OFF (Up to $180 savings)

V708 – 20% OFF (Up to $140 savings)

V710 – 20% OFF (Up to $380 savings)

V718 – 20% OFF (Up to $200 savings)


V705 – 40% OFF (Up to $400 savings)

V721 – 40% OFF (Up to $440 savings)

DEMO WHEELS [Various] – 50%+ OFF (Up to $$$ savings)

November 21, 2016 by Gene Tjin